Jimmy Guacamole is a pure yet unconventional artist. He creates accessible devotional textures of poetry and sound. These sounds, which are to be collected on his Michael Elders project, address topics and emotions which resonate in the heart and soul of both the artist and the audience. They are soothing stories which blend questions of identity, purpose, worry, fear and struggle on a quest for love, living, success, wealth and happiness.


Best described as future gospel, let his warm sounds and mantra like vocals take you on a meditative trip. Music which feeds the soul.


This project is an artistic expression: a series of 5 tracks with 5 accompanying music video's which embody the message conveyed. This message is one of self-discovery; exploring new horizons and redefining your consciousness and where you stand in your world. The videos were created in collaboration with visual artists Dada Haze.


Jimmy Guacamole performs his work live on stage mesmerising the audience with his lush sounds and captivating visuals.

Jimmy Guacamole is a thoroughbred instigator: in tune, aware, multi talented, loud & ready. On his journey through life he has developed an outlet to transmit his thoughts, feelings and fantasies translating emotions into sonic and visual art forms best described as dream like. Sometimes they induce a sense of tranquility, sometimes a sense of urgency and awareness. A Glimpse of Maryland is one of those tracks. Recent events all around our planet resonated deeply within his core.

Get your copy here: #MARYLAND